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Mango Ice Cream

Frutero's Mango Ice Cream is made with ripe mangoes, freshly grown by farmers in Magdalena, Colombia. Each half-pint cup is packed with 1/2 of a mango inside!

Coconut Ice Cream

Made from Thailand's best coconuts, the pleasantly refreshing taste of real coconut is loved by Frutero Fans. Each half-pint cup is packed with 1/3 of a whole coconut!


Passion Fruit Ice Cream

Frutero uses the best Passion Fruit variety called "Maracuya", grown in Colombia, to make a deliciously tart ice cream. Each half-pint cup is packed with 2 passion fruits inside!

Guava Ice Cream

Frutero's Guava Ice Cream is made from fresh Colombian Guayaba (Pink Guava), and packed with 2 guavas inside.


Guanabana Ice Cream

Fresh and naturally creamy texture of our Colombian Guanabana, also called Soursop, blends superbly to create a smooth ice cream that Frutero Fans savor. Each half-pint cup is packed with 45 grams of Guanabana.