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Frutero Ice Cream's inspiration came during a trip that Mike (Frutero’s co-founder) took to India in 2019. Vedant (Frutero’s co-founder) grew up in India, and he recommended that Mike try the tropical fruit ice cream, which is a huge phenomenon in the country. Just as Vedant expected, Mike loved the creamy, tropical fruit ice cream, which he never tasted in the US.

Our goal at Frutero is to make the world’s best tropical fruit ice cream. We search the globe to find the very best fruit. Mangoes from Colombia, coconuts from Thailand; we try dozens of varieties of each fruit before selecting the best ones for Frutero Ice Cream. Have a new flavor in mind? Let us know!

Thanks for supporting Frutero!

Vedant Saboo & Mike Weber

Once back in Philly, the duo started making ice cream. They quickly learned that these fruits are loved by people from all tropical regions including Latin America and Southeast Asia. There are also millions of people like Mike, who grew up in the US and have never tried these tasty fruits!

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